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my childhood friend. by saxophone-and-stuff my childhood friend. by saxophone-and-stuff
when i was a kid, my friends and i played this game called "the animal game" in which we live roleplayed these anthropomorphic characters that we made up. we had index cards for each character with their info on one side and a drawing of them on the other. since i was the artist in the group, i did all the drawing. i had serious hand cramps.

this was the character that started it all. his name was hammi/hamilton. i had just seen that movie "over the hedge" with my friends and when we got home i decided to chase everyone around pretending like i had this giant mallet. i decided i wanted to draw the character i envisioned myself as (a squirrel named hammi...what a ripoff i was) and so i did so. then everyone else wanted to make characters, so i drew one for everyone. we played as some superhero squad or something. eventually we all started coming up with more character and there were a multitude of plots going on at once and drama between different characters. it was crazy. we were these elementary school kids with a semi-elaborate larping system. that was a thing.

i don't have the original drawing of hammi anymore, but i was just thinking about it and decided to draw him sort of up to date. so here we are. hamilton. <3
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April 5, 2014
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